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Your Resource for Unparalleled and Unbiased Data and Analysis

Whether you’re launching a business in southeast Wyoming, trying to prove your economic loss in a personal injury case or balancing your city’s budget, we can supply the data and analysis you need to be successful.

The WCBEA provides a wide range of applied economic and business services to local governments, private sector firms and non-profit organizations. Trust us for the information that will equip you to make sound business decisions and achieve your goals. The WCBEA offers the following services:


Economic Indicator Analysis

We develop comprehensive economic and business databases that track local economic trends in Wyoming communities.


Fiscal Impacts Analysis

We calculate the potential impact on local government budgets due to changes in tax structures, large-scale projects or annexations.


Forensic Economics

We deliver expert witness testimony and analyses of potential economic loss due to a personal injury, wrongful death or wrongful termination as well as lost profit analyses.



We conduct random probability and non-random surveys.


Commercial Property Opportunities

The Center provides a comprehensive database of commercial properties in Laramie County that are for sale or lease including vacant lots and buildings. Properties included are warehouses, office space, retail and medical. The database also provides square footage, lease and sale prices and overall vacancy rates.


Community Demographics and Economic Profiles

We provide information that helps entrepreneurs determine whether a community is the right fit for their company. Market segmentation statistics and comprehensive commercial property vacancy lists by usage for Laramie County are available.


Data Dashboard

We keep track of key economic indicators for Cheyenne and Laramie County and allow users to make graphs.



Socio-economic demographic statistics are in constant demand by Wyoming’s communities and citizens. The Center currently provides this service to Laramie County and publishes quarterly economic indicators for the county. Such data is provided on a gratis basis if the request requires only a few minutes of work. More complex and comprehensive requests will require a fee for service. Please contact us for more information.

Call us at (307) 778-1151 or e-mail us at: [email protected]

Wyoming Center for Business & Economic Analysis @ LCCC

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Nick Colsch
Instructor, Economics/Public Policy
Director, Wyoming Center for Business and Economic Analysis
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